чернила для
цифровой печати

  • formulated for low viscosity micro piezzo printheads
  • quick, easy, dry printing process
  • vast color range with colors formulated by using pigments with the best color tones
  • printing onto natural and synthetic fabrics
  • thanks to its natural structure and direct application
  • the touch of the fabric does not deteriorate and the fabric retains its naturalnessprovides long-term and high fastness after printing
  • excellent light fastness and good washing resistance
  • ecofriendly inks formulated with organic pigments with minimal impact on human skin and environment
  • no clogging of nozzle in the long term, the residues are cleaned easily by using cleaning solution
  • user friendly application process providing to observe the result at the very first step of printing enables
  • a cost and time effective production with less water and energy consumption
  • Picoliter and drop size compatible with Epson heads
Цифровая, сублимационная печать

Текстильные пигментные чернила для цифровой печати

Цифровая, сублимационная печать

Текстильные чернила с пигментом-Х для цифровой печати